Artificial Grass & Turf

artificial grass installed in a yuma, az backyard


The Benefits of Artificial Grass and Turf

Artificial grass and sometimes called AstroTurf, provide homeowners with benefits that make it better for their bank account and the environment. Artificial grass and lawn turf can take the hassle and headaches out of lawn care while still giving you the look of a well-maintained lawn throughout the year. Here is why artificial grass is a no-brainer for living in Yuma, Arizona, and any other arid climate.

Saves Water

Yuma and the Desert Southwest are known for their hot temperatures and arid climate, which is the perfect environment for installing artificial grass instead of your traditional lawn. Drought and water resources are issues that Arizona continues to face and will probably get worse before it gets better. Installing artificial grass or turf can positively impact the environment and local water issues while having a beautiful lawn.

Low Maintenance

Maintaining artificial grass is a breeze compared to maintaining a traditional lawn. Turf and synthetic grass do not require water or fertilizer or need to be mowed, making it practically hassle-free to maintain a green lawn all year and every year. An artificial grass installation is an excellent option for older or vacation homeowners since it allows them to maintain a gorgeous yard without work or oversight.

Saves Money

Water costs in Arizona have been historically cheap on average compared to other states, but that might change with the continuing concern of drought and water access in the Southwest United States. Lawn care and landscaping is another service that is going up in cost, making it more expensive and out of budget to maintain a traditional grass lawn. Since artificial grass is so low maintenance and does not require watering, it is cost-effective for all home and business owners.


Many clients ask us if artificial grass and turf are safe for pets. Yes, most turf brands are hypoallergenic, hygienic, and unaffected by urine and pet waste. Artificial grass cleans easily using a light detergent and water. Another bonus is that dogs love to play on it just as much as traditional grass without patches and mud holes.

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